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To watch a video streaming on these sites, you can see an "ad you have to close", or a button: "proceed to video" to continue to watch your video. Don't confuse.

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How to use our services ?
  How our services works to watch free videos streaming online

Enter a Video, Movie, TV Serie, Documentarie, Anime... name or title, hit search, and look at the results shown. The streaming search tool will crawl the media-site database, and will then display all streaming links available.

- You can find stream links in different quality, from medium to HD quality. Up to you to choose the good one.
- Add the word "mobile" to your search, it'll show videos streaming links for mobile devices.
- Searching TV serie by season & episode: as exemple, add to the TV serie name "S05E03" for "season 5 episode 3" ; or "S02E12" for "season 2 episode 12" ...

 Be aware of adverts shown on videos streaming sites:
1) Close the advert in front of the video player screen
2) On videos streaming sites like "Vodlocker" or "Filehoot" : you have to click the button: "Proceed to video" (ex for vodlocker) or "Continue to watch your video" (for Filehoot), then close the advert in front of the video player screen to start watching the video.
3) Some videos streaming sites can show one pop-up advertisement. Just close it.

It's easy, simple and fast:
- Select one of our "streaming database search tool"
- Search a movie, TV show or video name
- Check available streaming links displayed on results

- Just avoid ads :
"close the advert shown" to continue to watch the video

Depends of stream site, it can show a big advert looking like a video player, do not confuse, and check below it, you'll see a button you've to click to watch the video stream :
Button: "Continue to watch your video " or " Proceed to video"

If you see a message telling you to install a pluggin or to update the player (it's just time for the streaming player to load correctly, as a browser auto-configuration), just close the webpage and open it again, and it'll work, as the stream player will be configured ok at this time.

Need help about how works a streaming player? see:
Simple as that :
Search a Film or Show - Check Available Streaming Links - Click and Watch

That's all !!!

- Use our search tool to find videos online.

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